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Product name : SCUTI
Product model :SC 1
Length*width*height : 1060* 320* 1350mm
Net weight : 43.8Kg
Sterilization area : 200m
Rated power : 1.28kW
Lamp material : Quartz
Sterilization rate :90-100%
Type of disinfection instrument : Class II
Type of ultraviolet lamp : Electrodeless lamp (length 0.9 meters, tube diameter T6)
Number of lamps : 15 pcs
Noise : Less than 55dB(A)

Surface & Air Disinfector

Microwave electrode-less UV disinfection time is 1/8 of the traditional UV, and the disinfection area is more than 5 times the traditional UV, and Instant use, no side effects, is the most preferred for safe disinfection of large indoor places such as schools, hotels, hospitals in a short time

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